Quarantine Activities for kids!

Check back each day as we post new, interactive activities for kids (and families) to complete. Coloring, Videos, Music, stories, etc. will all be posted to help fill those long hours at home. 

Friends With God Devotionals for Kids!

Coloring/Activity Pages

Buzzly's Buddies: Cave Buddies Coloring Pack

Palm Sunday Palm Leaf Coloring Page                                                       Easter Story Coloring Page

Coloring Page - March 30th, 2020                                                            Three Crosses Coloring Page

Noah's Ark Crossword                                                                               Happy Easter Cross and Palm Coloring Page

Coloring Page - March 31st, 2020                                                           The Last Supper Coloring Page

Jonah Crossword                                                                                                  He is Risen! Coloring Page

Easter Stained Glass Coloring Page

Empowering Courageous Kids - Jesus' Power Calms Our Fears

Right now - the world is a scary place for kids. News reports of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the way it has impacted (and continues to impact) our world can make life feel pretty frightening. The video below addresses how Jesus' amazing power helps calm our fears.

Empowering Courageous Kids Week 2 - Jesus' Power Calms Our Worries

Empowering Courageous Kids - Week 3 - Palm Sunday - Jesus' Power is Unexpected

Empowering courageous kids - week 4: Jesus' Power means we don't have to fear death

Empowering Courageous Kids Week 5: Jesus' Power Takes ACtion

Empowering Courageous Kids Week 6: Jesus' Power Helps Us WHen We're Lonely

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