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Pastor Mark's Blog:

Getting Started

The first Sunday here there was a major snowstorm, and the second Sunday was ice… and along with the weather, we are still confronted with COVID that is persistent but we hope is soon to wind down.  These challenges have made it difficult to get acquainted with you and for me to become familiar with the routines and valued traditions of First United Methodist Church. 


For those who attempted to worship online and on the broadcast yesterday, I apologize for the delay and for my rather bumpy start with Facebook Live from home.  We eventually got there and I wish I could blame the delay on technical difficulties but I think most of it was human error – mine.  You have a wonderful staff, very patient, and very helpful to me, and very determined to bring you the good news of Jesus Christ, whenever and however we can.  I praise God for this very skilled staff you have in place and all their hard work behind the scenes to keep us connected and to keep the congregation safe during these very challenging times. 


I also want to extend my gratitude to Chris and Carrie Gillespie for their warm welcome and all they do to take care of our youth and take care of the church facilities.  I pray for good health for Chris and improved health for Carrie as she endures COVID and continues her treatment for cancer. 


I also lift up in prayer for Linda Orr who is recovering from COVID at home this week and has continued to work the whole time while dealing with flu-like symptoms from COVID.  You might say it has been a rocky start to 2022 but in spite of the challenges that have come our way, we have seen God at work to keep us praying and to keep us close to Jesus Christ.  That is my prayer for all of you as we begin this new year… that we will stay close to Jesus and lean on him and trust him that He always has our best interests at heart and he will come through with love and joy and victory.


 – Pastor Mark