Pastor Mark’s Thoughts   April 18, 2022

Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed!  Two years after the COVID pandemic hit, it is beginning to feel like we have emerged, that the worst of the pandemic is over, and we can come back to together to worship, to pray, and to learn and grow as followers of Jesus.  It feels like we are experiencing the resurrection in ways that we never have before.  We are experiencing new life and we are learning just how important it is to be together as the body of Christ to encourage one another in our faith.  I grieve for all those who have felt lost, neglected, and forgotten, especially these last couple years.  It is our hope that we will get back on track with being in touch and being aware of the needs of those who have been isolated and unable to be at church for so long.

Easter Sunday was a good Sunday.  People were back in church, some for the first time in a long time, and it was so good to see smiling faces and to hear the congregation raise their voices as they sang, “Christ the Lord is risen today… Alleluia!  We had 160 people here at our Easter services this weekend and it is a huge step in the right direction.  God is breathing new life into our congregation and helping us heal and helping us to recover our mission to share the good news of Jesus and make his love real for others.  We have plenty of important work to do to continue to continue the work of restoration.  Sunday was very encouraging.  May this good work continue.  And may we all join in and do our part to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we relearn together how to be the church. -- Pastor Mark